Officials Policies

Officials Registration

Once again we are calling for volunteer officials to help run a smooth and successful event. Rally Australia is extending an invitation for you to officiate at Australia’s round of the World Rally Championship in September 2014, no previous experience is needed and anyone is welcome!

Events such as this do not happen unless we have the cooperation and assistance of dedicated officials like you. Officials not only help run events but also are vital to providing a welcoming atmosphere, showcasing their country and their region and sending visitors home with good impressions.

To register you will need to complete the Officials Application form.

For further information, please contact the Rally Australia team.

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Officials Policy

The following policies & guidelines will be applied for all officials at Rally Australia. They are being introduced / documented for the 2014 event to address a number of issues identified during the 2013 event and areas specifically raised in the post‐event review process. Any questions or issues should be initially addressed via the Officials Coordinator.

We understand that some of the measures may seem a little ‘excessive’ but, unfortunately, there were a significant minority of officials for the 2013 event who, for one reason or another, collected their officials packs and then ‘disappeared’ into the ‘woodwork’. This placed an increased workload on the officials who showed up for their scheduled tasks (the majority of people) and means that unless we try to encourage people to show up as promised we have to ‘over allocate’ people – which can be very frustrating for all involved.

Minimum Days

The minimum ‘service’ requirement to qualify for free entry to spectator points and the officials after party is 2 days between the Thursday and Sunday of the event week.

Officials who can only commit to a single day will be placed on a stand‐by list for that day and will be allocated to fill vacancies close to the event. These vacancies may be in any category / area and may not involve working near competitive vehicles.

Exceptions will be considered – people who live along a remote area of the course and are prepared to do a stage security role for that stage are one possible example … any such exception MUST be applied for during the initial registration process.


Working Hours

The number of hours that an official may be asked to work for each day varies considerably

depending on the role / area they are placed in. Stage Security marshalls, for example, will need to attend a meet point at the start of the day and then will be put in place for the day – in some cases not being released until after dark. A regroup control official may have a shorter day – depending on the days’ itinerary, while somebody working in the results area may start a bit later in the day but be required to work well into the night.

As much as possible the maximum length of a ‘shift’ will be 12 hours and all officials should plan on a minimum of 8 – 9 hours for each ‘shift’.



The event will supply one hat / cap for the event and event polo shirts which are to be worn

whenever an official is ‘on duty’. Shirts will be issued in the days immediately prior to the event from the ‘officials headquarters’ at Club Coffs. Sign on and collection of uniform MUST be done in person during the times that will be advised. An individual will be issued with the following numbers of shirts – all of the SAME SIZE. Shirt size selection is to be made during the registration process.

Committed Days Shirts

1 1

2 or 3 2

4+ 3


A wider range of shirt sizes will be available in 2014 – ranging from Extra Small to 5XL. As in 2013 there may be limited opportunities to change shirt size during the signon process at Club Coffs however we cannot promise this…



Feedback from the 2013 event indicated that a number of officials would have preferred a hat with some form of brim to provide some sun protection. For the 2014 event a choice of either a ‘bucket’ style hat (in one of two possible sizes) or a visor cap will be available. While we will seek your preference during the registration process both styles will be available during the signon / collection process – as long as stocks last.



All lanyards for event hard‐cards will be of the break‐away safety style.


Officials Hard‐Card

Each official will be issued with a numbered hard‐card pass (the number of which will be recorded as having been issued to you) which will allow access to:‐

Areas required to fulfill allocated duties

General Admission Spectator points when off‐duty

Official After Party


These cards will NOT be issued at Club Coffs – they will be issued to individuals by a senior official at your first ‘meet point’ during the week of the event.

To collect your hard‐card you MUST be wearing a 2014 officials shirt and hat at the meet point. Your hard‐card must be shown to any event official, ticketing or security staff on request and they may record the number from your pass for future reference.


No Shows

Once an official has signed on and collected their ‘officials pack’ it is expected that they will attend as per their scheduled ‘shifts’. As mentioned your hard‐card will only be issued at your first official meet point and at each meet point during the event a checklist will be completed by a senior official and any officials who are ‘missing’ will be noted and followed up. Failure to attend may result in the event issuing an official with an invoice for the value of the uniforms and passes supplied.


Stage Security Closure Manning Levels

A number of issues were identified from the 2013 event regarding the number of registered officials at some closure points – and the duplication of effort where closures and spectator points were at the same spots.

In 2014 the maximum number of registered officials at any closure will be 4 people. Larger groups will, as much as possible, be spread across an appropriate number of nearby closures however this cannot be guaranteed and allocations may occur that mean large groups will be separated.

Where safety closures and spectator points are co‐located an assessment will be made and, as much as possible, the spectator point will be designed to fulfill both requirements. At all times the safety of officials, competitors and spectators will govern the design of these areas – we will work to minimise the number of places where stage security officials are highly visible from spectator points.


Off Duty Officials

Off duty officials are welcome to attend the same spectator points as a General Admission ticket holder. You will need to show your event hard‐card to gain entry to these points.

It is important to recognise that in this case you are there as a spectator and you will be subject to the same controls and rules as all other spectators. Your role as an official in some other part of the event DOES NOT entitle you to any special treatment or access at a spectator point. It is preferred that you do NOT wear your officials shirt when attending spectator points so that visitors are not confused as to who is an official should they need to approach one for assistance.

Off duty officials MUST obey requests and instructions from officials working in the area – failure to comply will be reported to HQ and may result in removal from the area. Remember that all those involved have volunteered to help out with the event and have a defined role – co‐operation and understanding will let all involved have an enjoyable time.


No Go Areas at Spectator Points

If an area has been marked as ‘No Go’ at a spectator point, or elsewhere around the event, then it is to be treated as such by ALL event officials (except in emergency situations).

Appropriately accredited media may be granted access to areas as long as they have the correct apparel & passes but event officials are not to enter ‘No Go’ areas unless specifically authorised by the senior official on duty in the area.


After Party Access

The after party is open to ALL accredited officials of the event on presentation of their hard‐card at the door. While the venue has not yet been finalised it will be made clear to the venue that age must not be a barrier to entry to the function.


Officials Briefings

There will be a series of briefings held at Club Coffs during the week of the event.

There will be a general briefing held 3 times – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings – and all officials should plan to attend one of these.

We will be encouraging ‘teams’ of officials to attend the same session so that you can meet your coworkers and team leader prior to the ‘on event’ meet points – there is never much time to catch up with familiar faces or work out ‘who is who’ at 5am in the forest!

These sessions give everyone a chance to meet some of the senior officials for the event and, while they are primarily related to Occupational Health & Safety, on‐event procedures, the event schedule, interaction with visitors to the event and ‘house keeping’ issues, we are also planning to have some guest speakers along (much better than the boring Assistant Clerk of Course!).

In addition to these general sessions a number of the operational teams will also have role specific sessions during the week – the schedule for these will be advised closer to the event.